Categories and Awards


The competition is divided into four categories:

  1. “International Film Competition”
  2. “Italian Film Competition”
  3. “Taranta Movies”
  4. “Mer Kamis” Critics Award

International Film Competition
Feature > 51′ and mid-length between 16′ and 50′ and short movies up to 15′ of all kinds, dealing with in terms of the ratio of current social communities and between them with the environment, to protect and promote human rights, pluralist democracy and the rule of law, that promote awareness and appreciation of identity and cultural diversity in the world, the coexistence of different peoples, religions and ethnicities, that indicate common solutions to the problems of contemporary society.

Italian Film Competition
can participate movies released in Italy in the year 2012/2013,  discussing topics of social actuality.

Taranta Movies
Movies that deal with themes typical cultural – ethnic – anthropological – musical – of Salento.

Mer Kamis” Critics Award
participate movies which are distinguished by the courage with the authors tackle a particular, or socially difficult to tell, theme .


  • Taurus for the Best Feature
  • Taurus Plate for the best Medium Lenght Film
  • Taurus Plate  for the Best Short Film
  • Taurus Plate for the Best Italian Movie
  • Taranta Movie for the best Film on the traditional folk culture of Salento
  • Mer Khamis Award for the best Film selected by critics

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