Campi Salentina

A tour of the old town at twilight will give you the sensation that the ghosts of the many famous people who have repeatedly trampled on the flagstones still wander about. A name for all: Emperor Frederick II of Swabia, the puer Apuliae who chose Campi as a refuge from the summer heat. The small town of Campi, with its narrow streets and courtyards, baroque churches and the  Marchesale palace, has an entire story to tell.

Campi Salentina rests on the plain of Lecce, a slight depression of the Salento plains, where the abundance of spring waters have made it a truly lovely corner and filled with exquisite landscape values​​: a generous lush countryside of vineyards and olive groves from which emerge here and there villas and farms, rural testimonies of the typical architecture of Salento.

There are several historical and artistic treasures in the city, among which the Marchesale Palace, the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Church of Sant’Oronzo.

  • Piazza Libertà
  • Chiesa Madre
  • Casalabate
  • Città del Libro
  • Pasticciotti Obama
  • Processione
  • Madonna dell'Alto

The economy of Campi has always had a strong agricultural tradition and has played over the centuries a central and strategic role for the economic activities of the district. It is not a coincidence that the coat of arms depicts a sheaf, a symbol of the fertility and abundance of wheat that have made Campi “The granary of Terra d’Otranto”. The toponym Campi alludes itself to the campaign which has always been the resource that has characterized the socio-economic fabric of the area. In 1788 a decree of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon stated that in Campi they were fixed the prices of cereals and wine, where already from 1747, according to the will of the sovereign, was held a major exhibition of cereals and cattle, that is still organized today.

From Campi and its cultural background a genius of contemporary theater has come out, Carmelo Bene, who in 1995 received the keys of his city and Roberto Cappello, one of the most successful Italian pianists in Europe.

Among the many important events that take place in Campi one must remember the Città del Libro, the publishing event that is organized every year in the month of December, the Fiera della Madonna della Mercede, appointment of the third Sunday in October; the summer festivities in honor of Sant’Oronzo and San Pompilio Maria Pirrotti and the Estate Campiense, music festival sports, cinema, theater and dance, which is organized every year in August.

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How to get to Campi Salentina

by car: coming from the north, take the A14 highway to Bari. From here you continue south along the motorway Bari – Lecce. Once you reach Lecce, you should continue taking the SS16 in direction Taranto and continuing with the SS7ter to arrive, after about 11 kilometers, to Campi Salentina.

Coming from Taranto, take the SS7ter to your destination.

by train: you can reach the Salento by train (Trenitalia) along the Adriatic line (Milan, Bologna, Pescara) or through the Rome – Caserta. Once in Lecce, you can use the FSE bus that will take you up to Campi Salentina.

by plane: you can reach Salento by plane through the many offerings of low-cost fly which call the airport of Brindisi; here you can choose to wait for the bus that connects the airport with the center of Lecce or rent a car. If you choose the first option you can continue to Campi Salentina using FSE bus.

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