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Who participated at the Ecologico International Film Festival in the past editions, as an author, a journalist, or a simple observer has not tagged us as a traditional festival. Confirming us, in this way, that the proposed formula corresponded to our expectations: the EIFF is not just a film festival. Rather, we wanted that it was an opportunity for local promotion, an experiment in social sharing that would bring to reflect and give people the ability to think. In addition, we wanted that the EIFF would represent  a real opportunity for comparison with the public, a meeting place for ideas as well as for people.

For years, independent filmmakers courageously testify, through their movies, social conflicts and the hard relationship between man and nature. In this sense, we believe that cinema has a social function of “mirror” which serves to take awareness and get out from the suggestions of our present “built” to prevent us from think independently. Therefore, what we care about is to support the public’s attention on the urgent topics of the contemporary world, not to find solutions to problems, but rather to correspond to the need to know.

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